Privacy Window Film


Transform your windows and maintain your privacy with these decorative screen printed window films in contemporary or period styles.

We supply a wide variety of films & tints which help you enhance the look, security and privacy of your property.
All of our tints are available in different shades to fit your needs and requirements. We also supply coloured tints for request.

  • Partial or full privacy film options

  • Suitable for windows or front doors

  • Ideal for bathroom windows


Frosted Window Film

is a very effective way to enhance privacy, both during the day and also at night. Once applied, it gives your glass the appearance of etched glass, thus acting as a privacy screen and obscuring the vision both in and out. It is now widely used as a modern alternative to nets, as it requires little maintenance, and allows plenty of natural light in the room.

Safety Window Film

is a self-adhesive material designed to laminate glass on a window or door, making it shatter proof for added safety and protection, or to upgrade older annealed glass to current glass safety standards.

One Way Privacy Film

is a reflective solar control film primarily designed to ward off the sun's glare and excess heat. Thanks to its mirror finish, it also acts as a one way privacy window film which will offer varying levels of privacy during the day, depending on the grade of film you order, and the balance of light between inside and outside.