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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a smart and elegant treatment for your doors and windows.

Custom made for you and your home, they are the perfect addition to any room with benefits extending beyond aesthetics including increased insulation, noise reduction and light control in rooms. 

We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted and custom made plantation shutters, combining experience with the best quality products available.

Wide range of shutter's available including 

Angled, Cafe Style, Full height, Shaped

Solid Panel, Tier on Tier & 



Paulownia Hardwood

  • Paulownia is a lightweight, strong hardwood.

  • Paulownia offers excellent dimensional stability which greatly reduces the possibility of warping.

  • Paulownia is used for all parts of the shutter including frame, stile, top ,bottom louvres and mid rails. 

  • Paulownia is fully FSC Certified meaning it comes from a certified sustainable source. 

  • The Paulownia material has a different style clear view rod to the Basswood and PVC shutters, which allows for more movement when the louvres open and close so as not to place any extra strain on the wood.

Basswood Hardwood

  • Basswood is often called Linden, lime or Tilia wood,

  • It offers exceptional stability

  • Basswood is a high density hardwood which offers additional strength over paulownia making

  • It is perfect for high access areas or larger installations.

  • It offers excellent dimensional stability.

  • A high quality, lightweight hardwood offering a a smooth and consistent grain, making it perfect for painting


PVC Waterproof

  • PVC is ideal for use in wet rooms and areas of moisture content.

  • PVC core composite shutters offer a smoother finish and will out last any man made shutter

  • PVC has an excellent temperature opening range,  will never warp, peel or flake.

  • They are perfect for areas where hygiene is important

  • Available in any colour and includes marine grade stainless steel hinges as standard to prevent rusting

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