Skylight Blinds

Made to Measure skylight blinds to fit all major suppliers including Dakstra, Fakro, Rooflite, Velux


Compatible with all major skylight brands

Easy 4 screw installation system

Fabric is completely enclosed, reducing fading and significantly extending the life of the fabric.

3 frame colour options available

Cord free Safe By Design as standard

Brush seals create a barrier between the blind and the window frame, blocking out light and reducing heat loss

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Our range of Roller, Pleated and Venetian blinds can be fitted to any skylight windows. With styles to suit any budget, they're a simple solution for any home.


Increasingly, modern conversions contain a large amount of insulation for the purpose of keeping a room warm. This means that the room become very hot resulting in the need of a skylight blind. However the blind allows the option to control the amount of light entering the room as well as darkening it.

The ability to open the blinds completely to allow light into a room such as a kitchen. At the same time, closing the blinds in the evening aids in keeping the room warm.