Enviro Film

      Window Film Solutions

  • Fade Protection

  • Heat Reduction in summer

  • Heat Retention in winter

  • Glare Reduction

  • Privacy

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What is It?

Envirofilm is a 2 ply, UK sourced, premium quality solar film. It is designed to reflect away the heat away in the summer & retain heat during the winter months.

How does it work?

EnviroFilm is installed internally to the underside of your existing conservatory roof. It reflects away the heat and glare in summertime and will provide you with a Thermal Low E Coating in the winter.

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82% Glare Reduction
99% UV Block
Upto 78% Heat Refection in the summer
Upto 66% Heat retention in the winter


Use your conservatory comfortably all year round.
Be able to see all TV and computer screens clearly.
Protect furniture/ flooring from sun damage.
Reduce you energy bills in the colder months.